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Located in the bustling city of Ningbo, China, Ningbo Royoung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional R&D manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality remote control sockets, time switch sockets, power meters, Wi-Fi smart sockets, intelligent lamps, surge protection sockets, and much more. With an unwavering commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted name in the industry, delivering cutting-edge products globally.

At Ningbo Royoung, we take pride in our state-of-the-art research and development capabilities. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By rigorously researching and prototyping new devices, we consistently deliver innovative products that provide exceptional functionality and convenience to our customers.

Our remote control sockets offer unparalleled control and convenience. With our advanced technology, users can effortlessly control various electrical appliances remotely, eliminating the need for cumbersome switches. Whether it's turning on the lights, managing household devices, or controlling electronic equipment within a commercial setting, our remote control sockets provide a seamless experience.

Time switch sockets are an essential component for automating routine tasks within homes and businesses. Our time switch sockets allow users to set specific time schedules for various electrical devices, increasing energy efficiency and automation. With customizable settings and user-friendly interfaces, our time switch sockets simplify daily tasks and offer unparalleled convenience.

Power meters play a vital role in monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. At Ningbo Royoung, our power meters accurately measure energy usage, providing real-time information on electricity consumption. By analyzing this data, users can make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint while saving energy and costs.

Keeping pace with the digital age, we offer Wi-Fi smart sockets that seamlessly integrate with smart home systems. Our Wi-Fi smart sockets enable users to control electrical devices remotely through their smartphones or voice assistants, delivering an enhanced level of convenience and energy optimization. Compatible with popular smart home platforms, our Wi-Fi smart sockets provide an effortless and unified smart home experience.

Ningbo Royoung also specializes in intelligent lamps, harnessing advanced technology to create lighting solutions that are both energy-efficient and smart. Our intelligent lamps feature adjustable brightness, color temperature, and connectivity options, allowing users to customize their lighting experience. Whether it's creating a cozy ambiance at home, optimizing lighting in commercial spaces, or setting the perfect mood at an event, our intelligent lamps are a testament to our commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Safety is paramount in our product range, and our surge protection sockets provide a robust safeguard against power surges and voltage spikes. By diverting excess voltage to the ground and protecting connected devices, our surge protection sockets prevent damage to valuable appliances and ensure the longevity of electronic equipment. With various designs and robust construction, our surge protection sockets offer reliable protection in both residential and commercial settings.

At Ningbo Royoung, we prioritize quality and adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards. All our products undergo thorough quality control procedures to guarantee their performance, reliability, and durability. Our commitment to quality extends from product design to the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers receive products that meet and exceed their expectations.

As a global player, we are dedicated to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of our clients. We have established a comprehensive marketing and sales network, enabling us to serve customers in various regions around the world with exceptional service and prompt delivery.

In conclusion, Ningbo Royoung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading R&D manufacturer based in Ningbo, China, offering a comprehensive range of remote control sockets, time switch sockets, power meters, Wi-Fi smart sockets, intelligent lamps, surge protection sockets, and more. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we deliver cutting-edge products that enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and safety. Trust Ningbo Royoung to empower your daily life with smart and reliable solutions.
Huan Cheng East Road, Zhangqi Industry Zone, Cixi City, Ningbo, China

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